Our life with the pandemic

Currently, all our children and staff are required to follow strict hygiene rules and to keep their distance, and to wear masks as soon as they come into contact with the outside world, i.e. in school, when leaving the premises and when people come from “outside”.
In September, the government had allowed students in the year of their exams to return to their educational institutions and write their exams. Since October, the upcoming classes have also been allowed to attend classes again. Otherwise, the schools in Ghana, including the KP school, will remain
closed, more likely until January 2021. The children and adolescents of the children’s home in Prampram have been involved in a variety of activities during the curfew. Besides other programs in the field of sports, competitions, renovation work, we are very proud of our talent show, more about this soon.

One project was the cultivation of crops on our property. The children also created a real hut made of palm leaves with two small rooms.


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