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We will happily give advice when it comes to embed corporate donations in a viable concept. Together we will discuss where you can and want to help.

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You are in direct contact with us and can be sure that your help arrives where it´s needed most.

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We support you to find the right fundraising project for your company or your employees.

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Become the sponsor of a specific project.

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Corporate social responsibility is an important pillar of sustainable corporate culture and communication.

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Get in contact per mail and we will find a suitable solution for your business sponsorship.

Thanks to our sponsors

Our long-term partners made a significant contribution to let Kinder Paradise grow. Your support is the foundation for the safety, security, education and care of many children.

Thanks to Bild Hilft! For 16 years now, Bild Hilft supports us faithfully with the expansion of our infrastructure. They made it possible for us to give a chance to more children in need.

Children Help Ghana

The aim of the Foundation for Care and Education is to enable children in need to have a self-determined, productive life in future. That´s our goal as well.

The Foundation for Care and Education supported us over many years in developing our own school, and also provided sponsorship for children in continued education.

The Help Alliance supports children to use their full potential. In recent years Help Alliance supported Kinder Paradise in many areas in order to give our children a safe, beautiful and supportive home.

Become a Kinder Paradise sponsor and support a meaningful, transparent children's aid project! Contact us for more information.

Hinweis: Kinder Paradise verfolgt keine Strategie von öffentlichen Spendenaufrufen!

Disclaimer: Kinder Paradise does not follow a strategy of public fund raising.