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Day Care Center for street children

In the Kinder Paradise Day Care Center we offer day care and nutritious meals. We help children and teenagers with health care and provide educational support.

Children and adolescents, who live on the streets of Accra, are given a secure and peaceful environment during day-time in the Kinder Paradise Day Center. We also offer breakfast and lunch – the children can eat liberally, take a shower and wash or repair their clothes (often the only thing they have).

  • Care and support
  • Providing healthy meals
  • Support in case of illness, accidents
  • General educational offers
  • Educational support of children who are looked after in their families


Apart from meeting their basic needs, we build contact and trust with the children. We offer small training elements and mentoring sessions for returning to school. Our aim is, wherever possible, to re-establish contact with their families and hopefully support integration into the family and regular school attendance, and prepare them for the future.

In addition to the daily routine, we take educational excursions together. Teenage girls and boys are educated and instructed in the areas of hygiene and other relevant topics. Our Day Center was equipped with computers. Now children who take part in the program also have the opportunity to learn IT basics.

We visit a slum area in Accra twice a week and provide about 20 children with warm meals, hold discussions with the aim of school integration and prevention of violence and drug use.

We support and care for about 75 children from the poorest, urban backgrounds financially with regard to school supplies such as clothing, school materials and food, as well as with counseling sessions in the families.

Every year, we serve between 3,700 and 4,000 hot meals in our center, the slum areas we serve, and to poor urban children.