An alumnus of Kinder Paradise: William Paa Kwesi Kumi

Kinder Paradise Children’s Home, a place of love, care, impact and transformation of destinies.

The volume of a book to write about KP’s impact in many of our lives can never be large enough. On the other hand, when it comes to me, I have seen God’s grace taking me through over the past years.

The greatest breakthrough of my life and other breakthroughs that I encountered were as a result of the arms of KP that were opened to me. I can still remember the great joy and shouts of happiness with which I was welcomed on the day I entered KP.

My family was into farming and at the age of 10, I was not left out. A times when my colleagues were in school, I would go to farm. One of the afternoons after returning from the farm, here was my mum (who happened to work with KP), shouting, “Kaba kaba!! Kaba!!!” in Ewe language, meaning: “Hurry up! Hurry!! Go and take your bath, I’m here to pick you up to KP,” she said.

That day was my greatest day. I was thrilled and filled with joy because I was leaving the village to a place where I could go to school, learn new things and become a great person in future.

In the year 2008, I had my admission to Armed Forces Senior High Technical School, which happens to be one of the excellent and disciplined schools in Ghana. Through determination, hard work and wonderful support from KP, I became very confident, influential, and started making impact on campus. Some seriously notorious and stubborn students, both my seniors and juniors, have now changed due to encounters I had with them.

After the completion of my Senior High, I spent some time helping at KP. During this period, I had my reintegration. I looked for a job and had the privilege to work at Esther’s Hotel in Accra. This gave me the opportunity to learn some new things on the job, especially customer service and maintenance. Through the income that I had I was able to support myself.

In 2012, whilst working there, I got admission to Kings University College, which is affiliated to Cape Coast University, to study BSc Human Resources Management.  I had every support I needed from KP to excel in my academics. Through determination, I took up roles on campus which built me up to the next level of my life. After my year of completion, I graduated with a distinctive class.

My national service came in that same year, and I was posted to Family Health Hospital at Teshie. After completing the one-year service, I was given the opportunity to work with the hospital as an employee. I worked in administration as assistant administrator, a maintenance officer which was mostly my main role, supervisor and as a marketer for the Family Health Medical School. I was glad working with the staff and they were glad working with me.

In March 2019, I had an offer from Ecobank. After going through a series of trainings, I had an interview with Ecobank, where I’m currently working with the operation department as a teller.

On the other hand, I’m also into ministry where I serve as an assistant Pastor.  This has been one of my greatest callings.

Making impact and adding meaning to the lives of people wouldn’t have come this far if KP’s door had not opened for me. KP to me remains a place of love, care and molding of destinies.

God bless you Maa Silke, my family, KP staffs and my brothers and sister who have supported me, shown me love and encouraged me to get to where I am today.

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