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Support for children and teenagers

Kinder Paradise aiming for a successful transition for our young adults into vocational training, University or other further education after school.

After the time in our home in Prampram, where our children are cared for in their family groups, having a structured day with school and various activities and trainings, it is a major step to go out on their own.

Kinder Paradise supports this transition with fees accommodation, meaning finding places to stay, support on food and daily needs like hygiene products, clothing and some pocket money.
For the support of those basic needs, depending on the circumstances of the institute of education and accommodation it takes between 30 – 70 Euro per youth/per month, depending on the level of education and the chosen institute.

Helping those young adults thru this transition is a major and critical path of reintegration.
Your monthly support as a sponsor for these young man and woman during their education will make a huge difference.

Kinder Paradise is offering dedicated donors, to commit to support helping to provide the basic needs as mentioned above. Any commitment from you as a sponsor on monthly base for a certain time would make a huge difference and help to continue the amazing development our children have gone thru.

We encourage our sponsors to have personal contact with their sponsored youth adults. Hearing about their development first hand, showing personal interest in their improvement and sometime motivate thru the times that are more difficult than others.

For further information please contact us via

Some of our success stories of finishing degrees, reintegration and moving on to a life of happiness and pursuit you will find on our blog on the website

Unterstuetzung Kinder Jugendliche Afrika

  • Reintegration of children into their families
  • Support after school
  • Help with choosing a career
  • Support during apprenticeship
  • Support in university
  • Financial support with apprenticeship


I came into the Kinder Paradise family in 1999. My schooling and education were supported. I am happy that I was able to complete my dentistry degree. I am currently finishing my practical year. (Congratulations, Augustina Adowa!)