About Kinder Paradise

Learning for a better life

We give orphans, children in need and street children the chance for a better future

Mission and vision

Our goal is the re-integration of orphans, vulnerable and street children into society. We want to pave the path towards an independent, healthy and happy future for children and adolescents.

Kinder Paradise supports children and adolescents with a conducive home, care and education to achieve independence and social re-integration.


The reintegration of orphans, street children and children in need into society.

These children should grow up to be independent, self-confident and responsible members of their society.

We give young people professional qualifications based on their skills and interests so that they can assert themselves in everyday life.

We prepare them to be able to take care of themselves and their families (financially) later.

History of Kinder Paradise

1998 – founded October 25th
2003 – opening of the Day Care Center
2004 – first house for children in Prampram, pavilion & kitchen
2005 – second house for children
2006 – third house for children & primary school
2007 – middle school
2008 – multi-purpose hall & kindergarten building
2009 – library
2011 – sports facility
2012 – staff house and sick-bay
2013 – workshop
2016 – solar system
2019 – cold storage and warehouse
2020 – “surviving” Corona
2021 – storm
2022 – introduction e-learning program

Our cycle of success includes 3 pillars for children and teenagers

  • security, care & love

  • support, mentoring

  • education

We guarantee the first pillar – security, care and love – by offering the children reliability, care and continuity.

Our caregivers (housemothers) and social workers provide support and mentoring. We also offer physical exercise and occupational therapy, music lessons, sports and much more.

The Kinder Paradise School takes over the educational part – from kindergarten to primary to junior high school. We also provide support for vocational training and education up to university.

How children like Kinder Paradise

Once a year we ask the children from the Children’s Home for their feedback. Here are the results of the last survey. The percentage given relates to “very happy” and “happy” together. The children could choose between “Very happy, happy, so-so, unhappy, very unhappy” and post comments. Every year, the children also rate all employees.


Overall impression

Percentage of children who really like it here



Percent of children who like the food


Leisure time

Percentage of children who like the activities



Percentage of children who like our rules

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