Vacation in Kinder Paradise

Summer vacation in Ghana will begin on the 18th August!

During the vacation, programs will be carried out. So far, we have envisioned to do excursions, indoor and outdoor games, baking, showing films and making family visits.

We encourage all children with families to pay visits to their relatives to prepare the way for future reintegration.

We have asked some of our children what they liked most during the past six months, and what they are looking forward to during the vacation.


I liked the Easter vacation and especially the special breakfast we had on Easter Monday.

My wish for this vacation is to go home and to help my mother during that time.


I enjoyed everything during first and second term of school especially the dancing and singing during Talento Expo

Looking at the next vacation I hope we can go for an excursion to the Treehouse again and that I can visit my family.

Titi Bi

I enjoyed the Talento Expo and I played a piece on the flute.

I hope that during this vacation the jazz music group can rehearse on new songs and to perform them as well.


During the first and second term of school I liked to be in a dancing group to present the Akan tribe during the Cultural Day.

My wish for this vacation is to go home to see my family and spend time with them.


I like everything that has happened during the last months.

I wish we can go for an excursion during this vacation and I would love to go to the Kakum National Park.

We wish you all a good vacation!

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