The Fredson´s way with Kinder Paradise

My name is Romeo Jeff Fredson, and I arrived at Kinder Paradise in May 2004 when I was 10
years old. Alongside me, five other siblings joined the Kinder Paradise family, seeking a better
life than the one we had known. We had grown up in a needy household, struggling to find
basic necessities such as food and clothing. Despite our mother’s best efforts, the challenges
were daunting, and Kinder Paradise offered us a lifeline that changed our lives for the better.

At Kinder Paradise, we received an education that would have been impossible otherwise.
Additionally, we were raised with Christian values and provided with nutritious meals and
excellent medical care. After completing Senior High School in 2013, I was reintegrated into
my family, but Kinder Paradise continued to support me and my siblings in whatever way they
Today, I am a Data Analyst at Enterprise Trustees, a leading private pensions firm in Ghana.
After obtaining my BSc in Information Technology in 2017, I worked for six years in the IT and
Data Analytics field before pursuing an MSc in Cyber Security & Digital Forensics. My goal is
to become a cybersecurity expert and Business Intelligence Analyst.
My sister Juliet is a registered nurse under the Nursing and Midwifery Council, and she
continues to pursue her passion for nursing. Jeddy and Jemmy are currently studying for their
BSc in Computer Science at Ghana Telecom University College, while Jenny-Jill is pursuing a
Bachelor of Education in Primary Education. Our youngest sibling, Praise, has just completed
Senior High School and hopes to study medicine at university.

We are all incredibly grateful for the support we have received from Kinder Paradise. The love
and support we have received have been immeasurable and have undoubtedly helped us
reach where we are today. We also appreciate the mothers and fathers at Kinder Paradise who
played critical roles in our upbringing.
We cannot thank enough the donors from around the world who have supported the mission
of Kinder Paradise. Your financial and non-financial contributions have provided hope and a
future for children in need and street children. We encourage both current and new donors to
continue to support the cause, as it provides children in need with a chance for a brighter
In closing, thank you for everything you have done for us. Your generosity and support have
been a true blessing

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