Personal report: Mary Acquah

My Name is Mary Acquah. I joined Kinder Paradise at the age of 4.

Before then, I remember being left in the care of my aunt as my physically challenged mother begged for alms on the streets of Accra to cater for the family.

After joining KP, both our lives changed completely. I was immediately ushered into a home and school while my mother was assisted in learning a trade.

With guidance and assistance, I completed both junior and senior high school, and proceeded to the Teshie Nursing and Midwifery Training college. I completed my 3-year-course successfully, and I’m now a proud Registered General Nurse. I currently serve at Lekma Hospital as a rotation nurse.

Kinder Paradise not only financially saw me through my education but provided me with a new loving family and a whole new life. My family and I will forever be extremely grateful. God bless Kinder Paradise.

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