Short report on the Day Center 2020

The Center staff were 1 head of department, 2 social workers 2 support staff and 1 national service personnel:

3097 meals were shared

34 staff meetings commenced

41 trainings were conducted by the center staff to educate approx. 250 children and 70 adults on COVID transmission, infection prevention measures, and on safety guidelines

3 children were supported in pre-school, 65 students from P1 through SHS, and 9 in vocational training

507 COVID relief packages with food and hygiene items were distributed

4 street connected children were reunited with their families

29 follow-up visits were done for all our children who were reunited with their families within and outside Accra

243 calls were also made to their homes

1,018 visits were made to urban poor children

936 follow-up calls were done

39 group mentoring and 91 individual mentoring sessions were conducted

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