My life story in Kinder Paradise

On the 1st of August, 2005 I was admitted into Kinder Paradise Home with my twin brother. When we thought there was no hope after the loss of our parents, Kinder Paradise came in and gave us hope. We got the chance to go back to school again and feel at home too. Kinder Paradise again took in two of our junior brothers in 2006. At this time, we older ones already had good hope to pursue our dreams in academics.

I am proud today to let you know that three of us have completed our tertiary education and now hold professions that are making us independent and productive with our last brother currently studying Business Administration at a university in Japan. He received a scholarship as a result of his good performance in Senior High School.

I am also glad to tell you that am a teacher in Kinder Paradise School.     

We say a very big “thank you” to Kinder Paradise for helping us reach where we have gotten to.

God Bless You.

May Kinder Paradise continue doing its wonderful work.

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